Here's the report out

Small Group Report Out

Group 1: Personal Learning

Org: Help kids enroll in college, short handed

  • Didn't want to do a blog at this time.
  • Start on Technorati and do a search to find out what bloggers might be writing
  • Create a watch list for the organization
  • Comment on blogs, particularly popular ones
  • Setting up a web site
  • Widgets with the student stories and mentor stories - help raise money from donors
  • Problem is that we don't know how to use the tools
  • We are trainable
  • Identifying a mentor to help with technology or have students mentor

Group 2: External Learning

Hiv patients

Local community be awareness of events and ways to support the organization
Expand myspace page
Use LinkedIn -- find volunteers,

Group 3: Personal Learning

Donors that aren't yet connected to cause "Dog On Cause Run"
Personal fundraising page for dogs
Invite their friends who have dogs and expand and go out
Personal Fundraising page
User-Generated Content - create their pages -using widgets and photo sharing -

Use a widget for fundraising on the myspace

Group 4: External Communication

Technorati Search and Watch Lists
Openness card - HIV patients - org transparent - have clients share their story - possibly photos
controlling content -- tagging it with RSS
Comment driven site - collect comments and respond --
Metrics - using email list - number of donations/
do a small experiment with widgets
need skills - learning the skills,