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July 19, 2007

Conference agenda

Connect: Using Web 2.0 to Create New Fundraising & Communications Strategies

Ten Steps to Fundraising 2.0 Using Social Media Strategies and Tools

You may have heard the words, but what do they really mean for nonprofit organizations? How do you begin to think about mixing in these tools with more well-known online fundraising strategies? This session introduces the concepts, tools, and lots of examples of how the next generation of internet technologies or what has been dubbed "Web.2.0" or "Social Media" are being used by nonprofits. We'll do some live demos of these tools, discuss their potential to enhance our work, along with some of the concerns they raise. You'll come away with a basic understanding of and context for the words that are buzzing around us, along with references for continued exploration.

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The Social Media Game: Selecting Web 2.0 Tools and Communications Strategies for Fundraising

Building on the morning session, participants in this interactive workshop will play the "Nonprofits and Social Media Game," a simulation game using a special deck of cards where participants work in small groups to develop a strategy, identify challenges, and benefits and identify which tools to deploy in when integrating social media tools for a fundraising campaign in a nonprofit organizational context. The session will begin with a brief introduction to the strategies and tools, followed by playing the game. Each group will share their campaign ideas and the benefits and challenges they discovered. Participants will leave the session with one or two ideas to implement back at the office and some additional resources for continued learning.

Here's the report out

Social Media Game for Fundraising and Communications was remixed from David Wilcox. The original is here.
I remixed this game from another version I did for Filmmakers for promoting and marketing their film
These versions were remixed by Steve Bridger and Franceso Santani for NGOs in Europe and focused on fundraising. You can find their versions in the Social Media Game Remix Wikispace